You can download free pdf versions of our songbooks here.

Printed copies of our HUG Christmas Songbook 2017  have now arrived.  The songbooks are £5 each but every regular HUG member gets one copy free.

All songs in these songbooks are reproduced for educational use and any rights are held by the respective writers, publishers or their agents. Many thanks to the various websites and ukulele groups who may have unknowingly provided many of the arrangements in these songbooks.   Enjoy!

HUGE Songbook 2013

HUGE Train Songs 2013

HUGE Songbook 2014

HUGE Train Songs 2014

HUG Christmas Songbook 2013

HUG Christmas Songbook 2014

HUGE 2015 Songbook

HUGE Train Songbook 2015

HUGE Songbook 2016

HUG Christmas Songbook 2016

HUG Christmas Songbook 2017


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