Our favourite links

Here, in no particular order, are some links to websites and resources that we’ve found useful/interesting.  You might too.

Ukulele Go is aimed at beginners and has plenty of useful tips and info

George Harrison of The Beatles explains why everyone should play the ukulele http://www.openculture.com/2014/08/george-harrison-explains-why-everyone-should-play-the-ukulele-with-words-and-music.html

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival a festival like no other!

Ukulele Hunt http://ukulelehunt.com This site takes you to loads of ukulele related links, beginner lessons, tabs and chords, and videos

Dr. Uke http://www.doctoruke.com loads of songs, links to other resources, tips on starting out on uke and how to practice.

Ukulele Underground http://ukuleleunderground.com/ video tutorials and more

Ukulele Festival of Great Britain http://www.ukulelefestival.co.uk/

Got a Ukulele http://www.gotaukulele.com/ everything ukulele plus info about festivals including ours!

Ukulele Express and other events http://worldofukes.co.uk/events


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